Dreaming of my Garden

Dreaming of my Garden

On this blustery winter day, I can’t help but to dream about my next garden. This is the best part of the planning process… the dreaming.  Dreaming of having a bumper crop, filling my baskets with lots of beautiful growth and RAIN! Dreaming of all the seeds that I will be planting indoors soon, and seeds that I will be direct sowing in May. Isn’t it great to just pause and think for a moment of all those stunning flowers we will have in July, cutting to make a fresh bouquet for the table.

woman in garden

 I’m still using up dried herbs and flowers from my 2023 garden for products now, but my jars will definitely need a refill in a few months- so I am planning what all needs to be included in my garden this year. I proudly use homegrown plants in many of my products and infusions. My favourites include calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, rosemary and thyme to name a few :) 

I am happy to share that I buy my seeds from West Coast Seeds and now is the time to be doing that for my 2024 garden.  As an affiliate for WCS, I do earn a small commission for any purchases made for your 2024 seeds through this link here.  I have been very happy over the past 8 years of using their seeds- most impressed with consistently having great germination rates. Do check out their website for loads of gardening resources and tips.  And enjoy that garden dreaming!


west coast seeds


calendula blooms

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