Take a tour of our studio space where we manufacture our products and fulfil your orders. Then have a peek inside our "soap shack", a charming outbuilding on our farm where we hang our herbs to dry and feed our creative soul.

woman working in soap studio

Our Studio

Renovated in 2021, our studio space is within our home and contains three rooms. The stainless steel space is where we infuse herbs and make products. We continually upgrade our equipment to match a professional lab. Cleanliness and sanitization is a priority. Our favourite tools include the dishwasher, double commercial sink, hood vent, bottle filling machine, homogenizer and many pots!

soap curing rack

small business space

The second room is a "cold room" with a dehumidifer where we cure our soaps on multi level racks. We also store our material in here to ensure it has the longest self life.

The third room is our packing and receiving room where we package products and also prepare your orders for shipment. This room also functions as our office space.

The Soap shack

Welcome to our charming shack, our favourite space, where we can get creative! This is where we hang herbs to dry over the warmer months. It smells of fragrant wild yarrow, earthy mint and floral goldenrod. This shack contains nostalgic pieces from our family including a hand drawn portrait of Jess' great-grandma in 1905, a reminder of the resilience and strength of women of our past.

woman working with dried herbs in jars

Importance of creativity

We have found that it's easy for women to wear many hats (and we know Jess likes her hats) between being a wife, mother, friend, (former) nurse, community volunteer, herbalist and business owner. It's important to stay grounded and true to ones self. Having this shack is a creative space where ideas come freely, curiosity turns to learning and authenticity is blossomed.