Artisan crafted, all-natural body care products

Our belief is that nature has the ingredients that our skin needs.  Our artisan, handcrafted soap and body products are made with high quality oils, herbs, plants & essential oils.  
We proudly only use foods (herbs, spices, fresh vegetables or fruit) and detoxifiers
(clays and activated charcoal) to create the beautiful, natural colours and textures in our soaps.  
We gratefully use herbs, flowers & plants hand harvested from our farm on the Alberta prairies so you and your family can feel safe about using 100% natural and toxin-free products that are healthy and good for you.   

This all-natural bar contains hand-picked wild rose hips & rose hip seed oil for a rejuvenating & healing facial or body bar.

Wild Rose Hip

This all-natural bar contains invigorating eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils for a refreshing wash.

Eucalyptus Mint

This bar is made with calendula infused oil and topped with handpicked wildflowers. A lovely floral essential oil blend of lavender, bergamot & rosemary. 



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