It is officially autumn now as we just had the fall equinox this week. The air is crisp and we had our first frost overnight here in central Alberta.  That means it was time for me to pick my pumpkins and squash and harvest the rest of my garden- just carrots and potatoes left in the ground.  Did you know that many plants are actually better to forage and pick AFTER the first frost, which can make them sweeter, including carrots and berries. I personally love the fall berries in Alberta and these are three berries I will be foraging in the upcoming days. I have plans for soap for all three but also love to use them in my kitchen. 


Rose Hips - you can use them to make a Vitamin C rich tea


Chokecherries- you can make yummy syrup and jelly


High Bush Cranberries- makes a delicious jelly (recipe in my eBook Modern Wildcrafting)


Fall is a time when leaves begin to drop and you can visually see the plant’s energy moving from the top down to its roots. Preparing for winter.  So for herbalists, this is a time to be digging roots to use such as dandelion root or burdock root.  


Check out our eBook Modern Wildcrafting to deeper information on 12 common plants you can forage for.

We explain the basics and ethics of wildcrafting for beginners and include 12 recipes to get you  started using wild plants in your home. 

We celebrate the change of the seasons and are inspired by each season when creating our all-natural soaps.  From crab apples to pumpkins to aster wildflowers, check out our Fall Soap Collection available on our website today. We hope you are reminded of the beauty of autumn when using our products. 


We hope you are able to get out in nature this fall and spend some time conging. necting with plants and foraging. Connect with us on social media if you have any questions!

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