Inspiration Behind Our Summer Collection

Inspiration Behind Our Summer Collection

Creating a new collection each season is exciting for me as I find new inspiration for my products. Formulating products using different seasonal plants, from my garden and from the wild is something so challenging, and fun!  This summer’s collection contains a few new products, as well as favourites from last year.  

  1. Rhubarb Mojito Soap

soap made with rhubarb juice

This soap is making its appearance for the third summer in a row!  Its popularity ensured I brought it back again this year.  Rhubarb is a hardy perennial in our garden that is a favourite to cook with each year- often made into a pie, jam, cake, muffins, smoothies… or into a syrup for a mojito drink!  We first made the rhubarb mojito a few years back and naturally had the idea to make a soap inspired by this summer refreshment.  Now each year, when I juice rhubarb from our garden, I make enough for my mojito but also for a soap batch too!  Rhubarb is high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Calcium.  

Fun Fact: My rhubarb plant has been in our family for at least five generations, being split and shared.  I think rhubarb hardiness has parallels to the homesteaders on the prairies and the legacy it has left. 

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2. Peony Soap

peony topped soap, natural soap

This soap is so beautiful and cheery with its summery hues!  Naturally coloured with annatto and rose clay and topped with dried peony petals (from my sister’s garden), it has all the summer vibes.  I love the essential oil blend we created for this bar of lemongrass, orange and geranium.  It will keep your mood boosted and your skin nourished and hydrated during the summer months.

Fun Fact: Peony is one of the first flower perennials homesteaders had on the prairies, often a gift from the bank.  I have split the peony plant from my grandma’s yard (likely from the original one in our family) and nurturing it in our new yard.  

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3. Summer Stick

mosquito bite relief

Likely our most highly reviewed product - this summer must-have is BACK!  Our Summer Stick was created because I hated seeing my kids suffer from itchy mosquito bites, or painful and swollen wasp stings.  I made a herbal infusion with wild plantain and chickweed with our homegrown lavender to create our natural bug bite relief.  My kids were the testers and immediately approved all those years ago- ensuring a summer stick was in their backpack for school and in our picnic bag for hikes. Kids don’t lie- this product WORKS.  I have a full heart knowing so many other kids (and adults!) have received relief from this product we created.

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4.  Prairie Salt Soap

prairie salt soap bar

I have always wanted to make a salt soap bar, a different formulation than our usual soap bars- this soap is made with a LOT of salt which is purifying on the skin.  Salt soap gently exfoliates, deep cleans your pores and restores a healthy balance to your skin. We did a few test batches before loving this current formulation- it bubbles nicely, and has a clean, creamy lather. Will be perfect for any dry skin from the beach after a day in the sun. 

Fun Fact: The salt used in this bar is from a mine in Saskatchewan!  Prairie pink salt.  

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5.  After Sun Body Spray

after sun body spray

Lastly, we were blown away last year at how popular the After Sun Body Spray was.  We kept having to order more materials and restocking this product… because you guys loved it!  Made with our homegrown lavender infused into this formulation of peppermint water and aloe vera juice… This spray is soothing on your sun-kissed skin.  It has a cooling effect, hydrating and something you’d miss when it runs out! I kept an extra bottle to take with us to Mexico over winter, and was I ever glad to spray down with it after those quick sun burns! 

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Hope you love our Summer 2023 Collection as much as we loved creating it!  

An interesting fact is that I have to make my soap at least 6 weeks in advance, so I am often a year AHEAD with my planning with plants.  I juiced the rhubarb LAST July to use in this summer’s soap.  I dried the peony flowers LAST June to use in this year’s soap… it has taken me a few years of running my business to figure out my timelines and to be planning ahead but I am starting to have a grasp on that!  

This summer collection launches June 1/23 at 12pm MST… and our Summer Prairie Soap Subscription Box ships the week after.  The subscription box is your GUARANTEE to receive the new seasonal soaps, often with a 4th exclusive seasonal bar to the box, plus a herbal self-care item and herbal cards. The box ships seasonally, every 3 months. Learn more about our subscription box here.

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