Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse

Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse

Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse

Update May 2024- I am still making this every Spring (five years in a row now) and I am using wild Violets and this year I am adding in rosemary and chickweed for extra soothing benefits to my scalp.


You may have heard how apple cider vinegar has a bazillion uses, one being for your hair!  So have you jumped on that band wagon yet and tried it?  It’s true- apple cider vinegar has an array of benefits for your hair and scalp health.  To name a few- it helps balance the pH of your scalp, increase shine, reduce frizz, improve dandruff, sooth scalp irritations, strengthen hair health, encourage growth.  Amazing right?  Now you’re probably thinking “okay, but how do I use it?”

Everyone’s hair is different so finding the sweet spot might take some trial and error but just try it and go from there.  I find a dilution of 1:4 vinegar to water works well and about 3x/month works well on my super thick & curly hair.  I recommend you find apple cider vinegar that is organic and has the “mother” culture with it.  I use a reusable bottle with a squirt top. 

ACV hair rinses work best with using our all-natural shampoo bars first.  You can choose to use the deep conditioner bars in between or not.  Take the squirt bottle and apply ACV across the crown of your head and around your scalp.  Work it through your hair.  Be sure to avoid getting it in your eyes!  Let it sit for a couple minutes then rinse it out. 

To elevate the herbal benefits, you can infuse herbs into the vinegar prior.  Certain herbs known for hair benefits are rosemary, nettle, calendula, & horsetail.  The quick explanation is to place herbs (best to be dried) into clean, sanitized glass jar and fill about half full.  Cover the herbs with apple cider vinegar to the top of the jar.  Place a piece of parchment paper between the mason jar and metal lid to prevent any corrosion.  Let it infuse for at least two weeks.  Strain the herbs and store vinegar in a glass jar for up to one year. 

Looking for herbs?  Well if you’re unable to grow them yourself, check your produce section at your local grocery store for kitchen herbs, or bulk food stores.  You can also find a huge selection of herbs online from . 

I foraged these wild violets last Spring to infuse into my jar of apple cider vinegar, which has provided enough for the year!  The violet flower infused vinegar eases scalp itch and helps control dandruff. 

Enjoy using your all-natural hair rinse and I hope you have the same results as me – the healthiest and shiniest hair I’ve had my entire life!


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