Carrot Pudding Soap Inspired by our Family Tradition

Carrot Pudding Soap Inspired by our Family Tradition

This winter we are so excited to share with you a special soap that has a family story attached. Just like every Christmas in our family household, we carry forward a tradition of having Carrot Pudding, with a lucky almond inside.  And whoever is served this bowl with the lucky almond, will have good luck for the upcoming year. Introducing our “Carrot Pudding Soap” with a lucky almond on top of one bar. And whoever receives this lucky bar, will receive free soap for the next year!* (*Twelve bars of soap with a unique one-time discount code).

carrot pudding recipe

*Note when I was trying to find my Grandma's Carrot Pudding recipe after she passed, I found her recipe book, the WI Lougheed Cookbook, with her note saying "This one"


The history of Christmas Pudding, Carrot Pudding, Figgy Pudding, Plum Pudding (a dessert of many names!)  is a really interesting story originating in England centuries ago. It could contain a number of trinkets inside, such as a button (for a man to remain a bachelor for the next year), a thimble (for a woman to be a maid for the next year), or a coin (for prosperity and wealth). It is a Norwegian tradition to have an almond in the dessert for good luck (often rice pudding), but because my heritage is English and Norwegian, I chose to combine the two traditions and place a lucky almond into our carrot pudding. The kids are so excited every year to see who will get the lucky almond.

This year I turned this family tradition into a batch of soap. This soap is made with our homegrown carrots that I juiced and paired with cinnamon for a lovely winter treat for your skin.


carrot pudding recipe

Please read more about the history of the pudding at

And good luck receiving the winning lucky bar of soap this year!!

carrot pudding soap

Note: The winning bar with the lucky almond will have a piece of paper inside with the special discount code to order 12 bars of soap for free on our website. It will be placed randomly in an order and I will not know who the winner will be!  Please contact me when you open the winning bar and send a picture if possible!

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