Inspiration Behind our Fall Soap Collection

Inspiration Behind our Fall Soap Collection

Our fall collection this year is inspired by something really simple, but magical.  The inspiration came from...what I can see out of my kitchen window!  I see yellow sunflowers, waving golden barley fields, pumpkins crawling up the trellis and chokecherry trees along our driveway. This is the feeling of autumn arriving, the changing of the season among us. Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go, of starting to slow down and preparing to send energy to our roots. 

fall soap collection

Chokecherry Soap

chokecherry soap

We juiced wild chokecherry berries and used the dark purple, antioxidant rich juice to make this unique bar of soap with! 

A unique tribute to the autumn season on the prairies, it beckons with the same sweetness as a jar of chokecherry syrup. Infused with a unique blend of grapefruit and rosemary essential oils, this exclusive bar is part of our 2023 Fall Collection.

Watch for an upcoming blog post about juicing chokecherries and the traditional uses on our farm.

Barley Scrub Soap

barley soap

An exfoliating bar that your legs will love! This autumn soap is made with barley pearls from our farm, almost as pretty as the waving barley fields at sunset.

Its deep, multi-layered aroma of bergamot, cedarwood and elemi encapsulates the essence of the fall season.

Made with locally raised grass-fed tallow for extra hardness in the soap bar and creamy conditioning properties. If you love super scrubby bars, this bar is for you!

Sunflower Honey Soap

sunflower and honey soap

Girls just wanna have sun-flower honey soap!  

This all-natural bar soap is crafted with nourishing local creamed honey and adorned with our homegrown sunflower petals. Poppyseeds provide gentle exfoliation, while safflower supplies the natural hue.

Orange, Ylang-Ylang, Palmarosa and Rosewood essential oils delicately scent it with a bright, floral aroma. Enjoy this autumn treat!

Pumpkin Cold Brew

pumpkin and coffee soap

A fall classic! We grew the pumpkins in our garden and always have new creative ideas for a fresh type of pumpkin soap each year. This year as a pumpkin cold brew blend!

This all-natural fall soap contains our homegrown pumpkin puree artfully blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, as well as the rich, smooth notes of coffee butter and cold-brewed black coffee. This will definitely put you in the mood for fall. 

Enjoy our fall collection of 2023!  Soaps are limited and once sold out, they are gone like the leaves on the trees! 

fall soap collection

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