Recently we launched new branding and packaging.  The main transition was moving our individual soap bars from wrap around labels to custom boxes with printed sleeves.  Our custom packaging now all matches has the same high quality appearance and feel. 


The boxes were custom sized to fit my own bars of soap.  They have a hand-drawn pattern on them of different plants that I wildcraft for my products.  Specifically, the boxes contain images of juniper berries, wild rose, yarrow, spruce needle and calendula. The wrap around sleeves are different for each type of soap and I love that I can change the colours to reflect the scents and create palettes, changing with the seasonal bars as well.




Why did we do this?


A few reasons… Firstly this is now a clean, professional first impression.  People make initial decisions on products from their packaging appearance so I really wanted to make sure my packaging reflected the quality of my soaps.


Second, I wanted the boxes for prettier display at stockist locations and markets.  I didn’t like how the old wrap around labels would sometimes slide up on the bars and have a “sloppy” look.  I know people want to see how the bars look as they are so visual, but we can always have a sample bar set out in front of the boxes.


Third, as I only use natural colourants and scents, the boxes also protect the bars from light and help from the natural colours fading over time. 


The beautiful new boxes make for easy storage of soap, nice neat packing of orders to ship and finally…

READY to give as a wrapped gift!

In the end, we are extremely pleased with how our new packaging turned out and hope it has impressed you as well!  


Credit- New packaging design done by Lianne Charlene Creative