Top 3 Ways To Use Rose Petals

Written by Jessica Mose • Herbalist & Maker

I was lucky enough this Valentine’s Day to receive a bouquet of roses from my 3 and 6 year old sons and husband of 11 years.  We enjoyed their sweet floral scent all week and now as the blooms begin to fade, I enjoyed gently pulling apart the layers into a beautiful mosaic of pink rose petals



Roses are timeless flowers that everyone is familiar with. Whether you grow them in your garden, get them as a bouquet from your loved one or see wild roses growing along the trees in summer- we all  smile and hopefully slow down to take the time to smell their sweet scent. Have you ever thought to  use them beyond decor or for their visual beauty? I’m going to tell you my top 3 ways to use or repurpose those gorgeous rose petals instead of throwing them in the compost!

1. Rose Petal Bath

Simply adding a few rose petals to some epsom salts & sea salts will have you feeling like you’re  a Greek goddess.  I know this as I felt pure luxury this week in my rose petal bath.  This is self-care at its finest. Soaking in the  magnesium rich salts and having rose petals around you promotes relaxation & calmness.

The  roses also help soothe irritated skin, brighten your complexion & tighten your pores for a  smooth appearance.

Try mixing in pink Himalayan salts for the colour variety. Soak for at least  20 min for full benefits. Be sure to scoop out the rose petals before draining to avoid clogging!   And don’t forget the candles, glass of wine and a good book.

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2. Rose Petal Facial Steam

A fresh flower and herb facial steam is an effective way to gently coax out impurities while  calming the mind & uplifting the spirit! You can use rose petals and any other in season flower  or herb such as lavender, chamomile or mint. Lilac comes to mind as a super fragrant flower in  bloom.


Steps: Fill a bowl on the kitchen table with the flowers & herbs and optional to use a  couple drops of essential oils such as skin-loving lavender, or eucalyptus if you need aid in clearing your sinuses. Boil your kettle and pour boiled water over the flowers. Sit down with the bowl in front of you and cover your head with a large  towel, creating a kind of tent above the bowl. Check the steam is not too hot, and once  comfortable, let the scented vapours make their way to your face. Be careful not to let the  steam get too hot against your skin. Close your eyes and relax, steaming for 10 minutes.


This  would be a great time to meditate, listen to soothing music or just deep breath. The benefits of using steam to promote healthy skin have been used for centuries. The gentle  warmth and humidity encourage detoxification. Steaming helps promote the release of toxins  held in the skin and helps the pores open and breath. This helps reduce redness, softens  blackheads, releases dirt & impurities, moisturizes the skin & evens out skin tone. 


Once finished, gently pat your face dry and then follow with our skin care Refresh Face Toner and Rejuvenating Face Serum.  This leaves you renewed, with soft & glowing skin!

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3. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

Time to get adventurous and make yourself a luxurious rose petal sugar scrub! This DIY scrub  will get your skin glowing and feeling silky and smooth. Sugar scrubs polish away dull flakiness  and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. I particularly love this scrub on my legs.  Besides this scrub feeling lovely, you’ll also  feel special making something with your rose petals. Enjoy this recipe! 


Small handful of fresh rose petals 

½ cup cane sugar 

2-3 tbsp sunflower or other light oil 

3 drops essential oil (such a sweet orange, lavender, geranium) 

  • Place the rose petals and sugar in the bowl of a small food processor. Blend until an  even texture and colour is achieved. (my photo doesn't show the petals chopped small enough as I was busy helping my son with his puzzle!) Spread the now-coloured sugar in a single layer  over a sheet of wax paper and allow it to air dry for 1-2 days. (You can also skip the drying and just use fresh but know that it will expire within a week as it is not preserved) 
  • Place the dried rose sugar in a small mixing bowl. Add the oil, 1 tbsp at a time, stirring  well after each addition. Continue adding oil until you’ve reached a consistency that  you like. Add 3 drops of essential oil for scent. Stir well. 

Use over dry spots and other areas of your body needing exfoliation (I love it over my  legs), or you can use it as a hand scrub after washing your hands. Rinse well with warm water, pat dry then apply lotion or our White Spruce Body Butter. Be careful if using in the shower or tub, since the oil may make the floor slippery. 

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I hope you’re feeling inspired to make some creative things with your rose petals! My favourite rose is the Wild Alberta Rose which I gratefully and mindfully forage petals for our Pink Clay Mask.

I look forward every summer to foraging a few wild roses and later on the rose  hips to make things with such as our Wild Rose Hip soap and our popular Rose Hip Lip Balm!


Working with plants and nature gives a person a sense of calmness and  accomplishment. Find a way each day to de-stress by connecting with nature.

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