Top Reasons why to use Bar Soap

Top Reasons why to use Bar Soap

Time to make the switch to bar soap.

If you haven’t already made the switch to using bar soap, I’m going to convince you why you should get with the 2020s and make the change! Not only are there convincing reasons why bar soap is better for your skin, it’s also important for our environment. So, let me sway you to the all-natural side.

1. It's great for your skin

Bar soap is 100% saponified butters & oils which has glycerin in the end product. This is not only a gentle cleanser, but moisturizing for your skin too. Many liquid body washes & liquid soaps are made with surfactants which clean the skin, but also strip the natural oils from your body. Some companies even go as far to remove glycerin from body washes, so they can use it in other products to make more money. Best to buy handmade though, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Dove, for example, is called a “beauty bar” since it is not even true soap, it’s a syndet bar (synthetic detergent).

2. It's Natural

Bar soap is 100% natural, as long as you’re using handmade bars made without synthetic fragrances or colours. Learn your ingredients! Not all bar soap is created equal for quality.

3. Zero Waste

Bar soap = no plastic bottles in your shower, sink counter, bath, travel bag, garbage can, garbage dump, ocean waters. It frees up so much space in your bathroom, it looks pretty & you can feel good about making an eco-friendly change!

4. Fun Additives

Handmade bar soap may contain ingredients like honey, oatmeal, butters & oils which are all skin-loving & soothing ingredients. They may also contain natural detoxifying ingredients like clay & charcoal which help remove toxins & build up from the skin.  

5. Essential Oil blends

Bar soap also smells amazing, whether is a natural unscented beauty or with essential oils. You get the aromatherapy benefits and skin-loving properties from essential oils as well! Again, be cautious to avoid synthetic fragrances (which can contain up to 200 different nasty chemicals!)

6. Effective at removing germs & dirt

Bar soap is quite effective at removing germs and bacteria. The rubbing action physically helps remove germs from your skin, and the bubbles help remove even more. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, rubbing front & back, in between fingers and ends of fingers. Aim to keep the bar soap dry between uses.

7. It's awesome

When you use a bar of handmade soap, you get a feeling of pride & connection. Knowing you are using a wholesome, handmade product that is good for you. Especially a Prairie Soap Shack bar! We connect you with nature by using wildcrafted ingredients and have additional herbal benefits. That is why our products are higher quality and also tell a story. 

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Eve Mitchell

I love that you mentioned that handmade bar soap can having fun additives like butters and oils that will soothe skin. My daughter is very into the natural way of life, and she wants to buy some soap bars that are made from honest ingredients. It’s her birthday coming up so I will try to find some good ones for her.

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