Why we create the products we do

Why we create the products we do

Throughout the week, I've been reflecting on why I create the products I do. Ultimately, the answer is simple: I Care. 

I'm passionate about using all-natural ingredients in our skincare products and spreading awareness about their positive impact on our bodies. 

Additionally, I believe in the importance of connecting with nature and its many benefits to our overall health and I care that everyone should experience this.

I care about sustainable practices for the wellbeing of our planet therefore ensure my business choices align with this. I care about using local ingredients, such as grass fed tallow or honey produced on our land. 

I take great care in every detail of our products and truly care about my customers' satisfaction. 

These are the reasons WHY. 


One of the greatest reasons why I loved working as a nurse was because I was able to help people.  I care about people’s wellbeing and health.  The same is true in my business today.  

Hearing so many reviews about how I have helped people’s skin ailments just warms my heart. 

A top word to describe who I am as a person and as a business owner is, you guessed it : Caring.


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