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"I love the soaps and face products from Prairie Soap Shack.  The Pink Clay Face Mask is so great!" - Manjit Minhas, CBC Dragon's Den

"Hey Jess! I just wanted to give you some feedback on the pine resin salve. Really positive feedback. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but my daughter has a very rare genetic bleeding disorder and her blood doesn’t clot, nor do her veins restrict to reduce bleeding when she gets cuts or scrapes. Because of that she’s very prone to infection, and we’ve dealt with sepsis from as little as a hang nail. She’s been using the salve on her minor scrapes (and kitten scratches) and it’s been AMAZING! It helps them heal so much better. She’s loving it. Thanks so much for sending it!" -M.G.

"I just got a delivery from you. Yes, I knew it was coming. Yes, I ordered it. But the delight in opening the package is unsurpassed. The care you take to present your product is part of the experience and it puts a smile on my face. Thank you for making brilliant products and making it feel like I’m getting a present." - A.D.

"Your efforts are not only encouraging us to wash our hands regularly (because it feels so good!), but more importantly, the love and devotion so evident in what you are doing to help others by bringing together the cleansing and healing properties of natural ingredients is good for both body and soul."  -R.H.

"This Spring I broke out in a red, itchy rash on my neck.  I assumed eczema and quit using my bath/body products.  I reached out to Jess with Prairie Soap Shack and the soap was amazing and I felt great.  After I used it up and the rash was gone, I went back to old habits and life long use of brand name products.  Within 2 days my rash was back and now all over my face and stomach.  I immediately went back to soap from Jess and it cleared right up.  I have since tossed all those brand name products that I had used for years.  My skin has never felt so soft.  Best part is it's a natural soap, I see the ingredient list and actually know what each of the ingredients is!  You won't regret this natural, healthy choice."  -C.S. 

"I am completely in love with Prairie Soap Shack products!  Since I started using the cocoa mint soap at my bathroom sink my hands are no longer dry.  The soap cleans and conditions, plus it smells amazing.  I also love both the mint and rose hip lip balm.  I appreciate the shift to recyclable or reusable packaging.  I highly recommend trying this line of natural products."   -H.S.

"You can tell Jessica really cares about the quality of her product as well as presentation and packaging.  The love for her business is in every touch, the wrapping and lovely note.  Thank you for brightening my day with your delivery!"  -S.E.

"This is simply the most beautiful product!  Like picking a bouquet of flowers to add beauty to your kitchen, this soap adds so much elegance to your bathroom.  Love love love the look of the soap but also am in love with how it lathers up and leaves my hands so soft!  Gosh not to mention how pretty the packaging is!  This would make such a lovely gift as well!  I can't wait to try all the Prairie Soap Shack products."  -L.M.

"My hair has never felt so clean as it has after using the shampoo bar and I am happy to no longer be contributing to plastic waste.  I have given the beautiful soap bars as gifts to friends from near and far.  In addition to being a superb product, each one is a work of art!"  -J.B.

"Love the fact that they are all natural, smell wonderful and leave my skin feeling clean and soft."  -D.B.

"I have never had a bar of soap leave my skin feeling as clean and moisturized as this does!  It's the perfect balance of squeaky clean to soft skin!  Absolutely love!  The smell is amazing as well and the natural health benefits that come from this bar help to indulge your self care regime."  -S.C.