Rural Woman Podcast Interview

Rural Woman Podcast Interview

Four years ago I started listened to The Rural Woman Podcast and never thought I would be interviewed on the show one day.  Katelyn has shared the stories of incredible women involved in all parts of agriculture from farming, ranching, homesteading, agribusiness and beyond. With close to half a million downloads from countries around the world, Katelyn continues to share the importance of Women in Agriculture while sharing her own story through social media under the handle @WildRoseFarmer.

We are incredibly honoured and humbled to be able to share our interview here:

Katelyn's words about the interview:

A new episode of The Rural Woman Podcast just launched!!
This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Jessica Mose from Prairie Soap Shack.
Jessica is the owner and maker behind Prairie Soap Shack - An all-natural skincare e-commerce business where she creates modern and eco-friendly products with wildcrafted and homegrown plants.
A former nurse and now certified herbalist, Jessica is inspired by nature and the nostalgia of her roots when creating in her business.
Connecting to the land is her family's way of life as Jessica and her husband, Adam, have a family generational grain farm as well as grow their own garden and forage for wild plants with their two young children in central Alberta.
We hope you get a chance to hear our interview, and hear other stories of amazing rural women on this great podcast.

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